My Two Beloved Kids


I started Infographic communication agency in 2000, a year after I moved to the United states. I have built a reputation for being friendly and easy to work with.
My clients say: "His creations speak best for themselves so I will comment on the creator instead. The man who is so talented could be a pompous bloke but he remained the same, you won’t hear jargon or pretentious designer talk, hard working and a real pleasure to work with."

I have been designing professionally for over 12 years, in more than one continent.

I am passionate about all things involving color – yet mainly wear few colors. I am quiet yet loud. I love all design and combine it with a growing interest in many arty and crafty areas, as well as having my Beloved wife and Kids to keep me on my toes.

I would like to discover a hidden room in our house and an extra day in the week, and I dream of finding the best Brie known to man.


Welcome to my website. I'm Hakim Khaled, I'm a designer and interactive creative director, I work for small businesses, big businesses and the middlemen in between.
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